Landscape Hotels Management
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Our greatest guarantee
is excellent performance


Over 7 years managing Landscape Hotels

We manage unique accommodations.

Resorts that are a destination in their own right and make customers forget about everything, even leaving the establishment. We create hotels designed for guests to get away from it all and we implement a management model that offers the same to the owners. A sense of total disconnection that accompanies them throughout the entire experience. A common AURA that emanates from every Landscape Hotel.

Full digitalization of customer happiness

The Smart Visual Data Management is our innovative method of digitized management.

It is an intelligent and intuitive system that displays fluid real-time information, allowing us to work efficiently and in an optimised way in order to achieve maximum profitability of our time, people, and resources.


  • Immediate online access
  • Live database
  • Real-time data display
  • Monitoring of daily operations
  • Fully interconnected digital package
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We manage high-end establishments

  • We reposition or create disruptive hotel concepts
  • 1 hour from major airports in Spain and Portugal
  • 30 minutes from tourist centres
  • Between 30 and 100 rooms
  • High value
  • Privileged environments

Centralized management

We have a team of professionals who bring all our operating standards to every property.

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& Management



Marketing &

Sales & Revenue Management

Architecture & interior design

& development

Operations & Management
  • Implementation of Smart Visual Data Manager for the management of the entire establishment.
  • Track the hotel’s management and administration as well as its business areas (restaurant, events, and/or SPA).
  • Monitoring of the procedures and operating standards of AURA VIVOOD, adapted to the property, in each of its departments.
  • Application of VIVOOD’s Know-How and customer-oriented philosophy: the customer is the core of management.
  • Establish Quality Control standards.
  • Regular meetings with the management team.
  • Training in organisation and team management.
  • Weekly control and monitoring of the Forecast to achieve the goals in the annual budget. Track all income and expenses to optimise resources and improve results.
Management models
Includes Responsibility Profit Fees
Rental model VIVOOD rents the establishment, takes over the management of the hotel and includes all the necessary. Responsibility is assumed by AURA VIVOOD. No risk for the owner. Guaranteed minimum profit. Fixed annual percentage of the Hotel’s total GOP.
Management model Implementation and supervision of operating procedures and standards. More responsibility for the owner as they assume direct management of operations and employees. Higher final benefit potential for the property. Basic Fee: annual percentage of the Hotel’s total revenue.


Success Fee: annual percentage of the Hotel’s total GOP.


Mkt&Sales Fee


Rental model


Management model